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Handel Messiah
Concert Review

Some kind words from our BCS President, Neal Davies.

"It was a beautifully paced and very moving experience, the great choruses in part two being particularly impressive. I was very proud to be your President and look forward to the St John Passion next Easter."

Further comments from audience members, collected by our stewards:

"Many I saw had been coming for years and they felt this was the start of Christmas."

"I met a new woman at my reading group last week and she said she had been coming to Messiah for years and the last performance was the best she had ever heard and seen."

That the opening of the West End doors was spectacular – “My builder, his wife and in-laws just happened to be passing and thought the image of the choir at the end of the Abbey and the sound of the chorus was amazing. One or two of the audience complained because of the sudden inrush of cold air but I think it is a small price to pay for such a symbolic gesture and the sight of jaws hitting the ground outside. We know that the choir loved the view down the aisle and on to the Christmas tree outside.”