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Behind the scenes of Bath Choral Society are a large number of dedicated volunteers who help make the concerts, rehearsals, and events run smoothly. Without these wonderful people, BCS would quite simply cease to function. Over the years, the various volunteer posts have been taken by different people, to all of whom a huge debt of gratitude is owed.


Neal Davies (click for a full biography)


Peter Martin (e-mail)

Hon. Secretary

Paul Mattausch-Burrows -- Telephone: 01225 834679 or e-mail


Telephone: 07880 824678 or e-mail

Hon Treasurer

8, The Linleys, Bath BA1 2XE
Telephone: 01225 427525

Associate Membership Officer

10 Chapel Path, Colerne, Wilts. SN14 8DL
Telephone: 01225 742767 or e-mail

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